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Beard Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation

Beard cultivation and mustache cultivation are carried out by taking hair roots from different points of the body like other processes and by planting hair roots in the region to be sown. For this beard and mustache transplantation process, doctors usually choose the hair follicles on the nape of the neck. Of course, more professional in the work of planting experts, usually beard unnecessary parts (cheekbone, neck part) in places where the hair follicles by taking place where the beard is required to plant. The most commonly used method in beard and mustache cultivation is the same as other cultivation methods. Fue technique is used.

Causes of Beard and Mustache Deficiency?

People who want to grow beards and mustaches are more than one reason. After various factors and problems, people want the beard planting process. The majority of people who want to grow beard and mustache come with a corner complaint. Due to the fact that there is no hair follicle in the face structure in the case of corners, sowing is performed with the hairs taken by the nape. With an average of 1000 hair follicles, the growth of a person's beard can result in success. However, if the person wants to have more, more frequent beards, 3,000 to 5,000 hair follicles are transplanted. Another reason is that beards and mustaches are rare. The problem can be solved by planting the parts that are rarely seen due to the whole problems such as inability to give the shape that the person wants, decrease in the respectability in the society and beard lengthening seen in most people. If the beard and mustache transplantation is performed by a specialist physician, it becomes very difficult for the person to distinguish the beards that emerge in the transplanted area from the beards previously found. Some people actually come to the process of beard cultivation with aesthetic concerns. That is to say, in some people there is scarring from hair breaks or an accident - surgery. This dry and hairless area is quite visible in the beards and does not give a pleasant appearance. Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation can be applied to people who have problems.

Beard Transplantation

One of the most distinguishing features of man and woman is the beard hair on the face of the man with his cheek. Beard is very important for men. The beard shows the person his or her age. Even if a person is older, he may appear to be quite younger than his age if he has a corner condition. Although this creates an advantage for some, it may put some in difficult situations in communication with the society. In particular, people who live in a corner condition have beard cultivation.

Mustache Transplantation

The hairs in the area between the upper lip and the nose of the men are called mustaches. Mustache is rare in most people, and many people want to participate in the process of mustache transplantation because of its appearance that does not merge with the beard. For this type of planting, which is no different from beard planting, only the part that is transplanted is different. The technique used for mustache cultivation is the Fue technique. With this technique, painless and painless short-term sowing process is performed. It is necessary to wait between 4 and 6 months for this process made with hairs taken from the neck, in order to get a clear and beautiful result… Many people carry out the mustache transplantation process for the densification process after the process corresponding to the mustache cultivation area.